(Swimwear) Designer of the month: Marie Lisa Fernandez

Posted on 14 maggio 2014

You might hace seen some pics of Rihanna wearing a black bikini ( before Riri's account on Instagram was banned) but who is it by?

The designer is Lisa Marie Fernandez and she's has created the coolest and most fashionistas bikinis and swimsuit of the year!
She takes inspiration from the sleek athleticism of scuba gear (this is the details which makes a difference from the every other swimswear brand) and her suits are crafted from a luxe version of neoprene, never before used in swim. The innovative fabric is made to perform, molding to the body whether creating curves or supporting them. The collection flatters a range of body types, pushing everything into the right place without padding or underwire. Its effect is something that has to be experienced. The highly functional material looks better when wet and won't stretch out or lose its shape. They're made to use and stand the test of time.

The collection takes its cues from the bold, color-blocked suits of the eighties but the look is totally modern. Their chunky zips and taut silhouettes turn every girl into a Bond girl ;)
 But the clean design of the various styles subtly adapts to each wearer's individual aesthetic, from sunbather to surfer. 
I love how these LMF bikinis can be directional, sporty, sophisticated and glamorous at the same time!
Lisa Marie Bikini

Poppy Bikini
Arden Flounce Bikini
Genevieve Bikini
(the one worn by Rihanna and Nicole Richie)

And last but not least my favourite ;)
Poppy Bandeau Bikini