aprile 2016


Boho by the Beach - Festival Season Inspiration

Posted on 11 aprile 2016

Hi! It's been a while since my last post but I'm back with a new one.

Festival Season is just around the corner and today I want to show you the amazing boho jewellery by Makana Makai!

"Founded in Summer 2015, "MAKANA" means "gift" & "MAKAI" means "By the sea/seaward" so together they bring you "GIFTS BY THE SEA".
 Makai's creations embody pure bohemian freedom & wanderlust"

Unfortunately I won't go to any  Music Festival this year (I would follow Coachella on YouTube ;(!) but If I had had the occasion I would have definetely wore a soft Kafkano or a simple tank top + denim vest and shorts.

I would also had no doubts about the accessories ;) Makai's jewels are perfect to complete the boho look!

P.S. All of their jewellery comes gift wrapped in our 100% recycled wrapping!

They do love nature and actually contribute to respect it!