I've been nominated for Sunshine Award!

Posted on 18 maggio 2013

I've Been Nominated for the Sunshine Award!

Today I'm very happy because I have received the Sunshine Award from my friend +Mak Lind of A Day in the Life of Mak.
I feel honored because I like Mak's style and blog very much. 
Here are a few rules and stipulations;

1. Post the Sunshine Award logo: Done!

2Nominate eight to twelve of your favorite blogs, the ones that you can't wait to read. Announce the news on their blog plus, link a pingback to the Nominator's Blog. Done!

3.Then there are some questions to get to know each other.

My favorite season:

Well, as a student Summer is the only period of the year in which I can actually relax.
On the other hand, I was born in December and since I was a child I have been loving the cold season. 
It's in part due to the fact that during the Winter I celebrate my Birthday, Christmas and New Year's Eve and this makes me wait for these holidays for the rest of year ;) 
I love snowy landscapes and rainy days are not as bad as they seem ;)
I'm quite a melancholic person but Winter means hope to me, 
(Yes, I'm found of English Literature and the thoughts of the poet of the XV-XVI century as become part of me ;)!) and days spent drinking hot chocolate with my best friends or reading books waiting for Spring to come are very good days :) 

My favorite things:

I love Spanish and English literatures, writing songs, poetry, playing the piano, running, going to concerts, writing poems and well, fashion ;)

What I love the most:

My boyfriend who is the other half of "The Peacock's Voice", Hard Rock music, discovering trends - emerging fashion designers and... Coffee!

My weekends:

I live in an European small town and at the weekend, when it's sunny, it's beautiful to go to the beach for a walk and for a happy hour..
Moreover, at the weekend, when lessons are over I love going shopping with my boyfriend, share ideas and find ispiration for every new post ;)

What I don't like:

I hate violence in all its forms, superficiality and those who conform themselves to tastes that don't represent them. 

What I have accomplished:

Well I'm just 21, I haven't finished my studies yet but I'm going to graduate from university in a couple of months (I hope!). Then I'll be studing another couple of years to get specialized in Literatures.
I'm too young to have already realized my dreams ;)
They're quite big and they need some time to get real! 

Last but not least:

I want to thank all my readers! Keeping a blog takes quite a lot of time but the satisfaction you give me commenting and expressing your ideas with me is huge! Thank you everyone :)

So here are my nominees for the award.

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Thank you for your support ;)!