Welcome to my darker side - Bandit Brand!

Posted on 2 dicembre 2014

Where has my been hidden? Nowhere ;) I've been just to busy to share with you more about my blackest side ;)

So today I take the occasion to show you some shirts I'm in love with by a real-rocker brand: Bandit Brand!
If you love Van Halen and beer it's the the brand tailore made for you :)

As you click on the homepage of the website you'll be welcomed by "Little Dreamer" By Eddie Van Halen, anything better??
But let's focus on the clothing line:

Vintage style T-shirts and noforecasting, no seasons, no cares of what's "hot" or "in style".

The brand adds in its Facebook page "No ruining perfectly good artwork with "branding" just plain old vintage style tees that are made to be genuinely loved by their owners (preferably while listening to Waylon Jennings or Black Sabbath).

The brand's passion for Eddie and Black Sabbath has been the first good feeling, the original simplicity of the shirts and tees the confirm that my initial attraction had to be followed ;)