No-makeup days - How I got more self-confident rediscovering my natural beauty

Posted on 19 agosto 2014


It's a fact: no - make up days make us feel more self-confident and , let's say it all, a day without obstructing our pores with powders and sylicons (I carefully read every product's INCI but I confess that if something really attracts my attention I don't care too much about it!) it's a total relax for our skin.
So here I am, make up free! Make up should be an extra value for every woman but most girls and ladies feel unctractive without a coat of mascara or a slick of eyeliner.
In my personal experience, I got used to no-make up days little by little. I got tired of the thousands beauty products I collected and I wanted to rediscover  my natural beauty.
The results on self-esteem are great, what you have do it's just to give your natural face a chance! You won't regreat it! :)