A glimpse at the most beautiful creations of the bag designer of the month: Delvaux

Posted on 6 agosto 2014

You might think of Rihanna or Cara Delevigne when looking at this first bag by the French bag brand of the moment Delvaux.

But I want to introduce to you the most amazing and unique declinationof the most famous bag by Delvaux, "Le Brilliant". 
Le Brillant
Over the year, the handbag originally designed by Paule Goethals has been produced in various materials, but this year,  the brand has dedicated a homage to this accessory, the collecton "Les Humeurs de Brilliant"; nine creations that symbolise the values of the brand each rivalling the other in technical expertise used to craft these fine leather goods. 
Rihanna wearing "L'Humour" bag

Which is your favourite? 



La Singularité

La Création

Le Savoir-faire

Le Rêve

La Belgitude

La Tradition