Streetfood: The best Km 0 hamburger in Genoa!

Posted on 10 luglio 2014


Today I dedicate a posti to Streetfood
This hamburger is actually the best I've ever tried in my hometown Genoa! Everything, from the bread (I must add that for those who love bread as much as me - "Carbs? Who cares ;)"- is pure poetry) to the salad, the tomatoes and of course the meat are Km 0 products! Plus, if you are vegan you can always opt for a veg hamburger!
This is actually my favourite, crazy lunch when I have no inspiration for cooking or time to go to a bar or restaurant during my breaks!
The place to remember is "Il Masetto" here is the Facebook link: 
Il Masetto - Hamburgeria Nazionale
You can find it in the amazing "caruggi"/"vicoli" of Genoa, the old centre of the city.
P.S. Every month a new special hamburger is created: this month it's the turn of "Amigu Charlie": the classical hamburger is filled with fresh avogado, guacamole, red lettuce and lime!
If you're planning to visit Genoa here is a must-visit place to go! ;)