Met Ball 2014: Ms and Mr Beckham

Posted on 6 maggio 2014

You might say she's too snob and he's too damn handsome for being a perfect couple but let's admit that on the Met Ball red carpet Ms and Mr Beckham did look amazing!
As you know I have a soft spot for Victoria. She always wears black and hardly ever smiles... A bit like me ;)
They critique her for being too posh (but am I the only one who prefers non-smiling women to illuminati puppets such as Miley?) and for wearing total black outfits and here I need to add my second comment: wearing black it's not a trend, for some people it's a choice and part of their lifestyle
Black it's not just the colour of punks and rockers black it's the color for timeless elegance.
I wear a lot of black and total black is one of my fav outfits. The reason in quite simple and it has to deal with psychology as well. As a shy person I tend to hide my body; I don't like wearing provocative dresses and showing too much skin. Black makes me feel comfortable and not at the centre of the attention; but this is just the less interesting part of the answer ;)
I wear black because I want people to notice my face ( I still think that the eyes are the mirror of the soul!) and above all my brain, my ideas when I speak.

But let's go back to the main point.

They're beautiful and in almost-total white ;) A bit of change it's just human! 
So welcome white and a long applause for Ms ans Mr Beckham who still share kisses on the carpet!)