Your Instagram pics will soon turn into nail polish stickers!

Posted on 20 marzo 2014

Hi girls! Have you ever wished to wear your fav photograph on your nails? Well, the dream has almost came true :)
NailSnaps is a free mobile app (not yet available but  which turns your Instagram photo, adjust them to the correct size and shape and then convert them into nail stickers that you can apply yourself in minutes :) 
The pictures will be printed will become high-quality nail-polish stickers and then they will be shipped to your home.
The pros are thos of traditional sticks (you might have already tried those by Essie or Incoco) no dry time, no curing, no waiting and no salon. You'll just have to stick them to the nails and file away the excess!
Your nails will become a gallery for wearable art!
The motto is going to be: 

If you can take a picture of it, you can wear it!