Burgundy Beanie!

Posted on 25 ottobre 2013

Burgundy Beanie

Burgundy Beanie di fra3

I remember that when I was a child I hated to wear my pink beanie! Now everyone has one and it has become the must-have of the season... 
I haven't changed my mind, I think some of them are funny but I still don't like them!
However, this time I've found the same burgundy shade in the Isabel Marant sweater and in the beanie by Paul Smith so I'm very satisfied (It's been a long research :)!) and I really like this total look :D
I've created a nerd-hipsa-chic look by matching the 2 items with skinny jeans, Stella McCartney glasses, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, Lanvin brass ring and Peter Mountain rucksack :) 

In the set: