Dior Makeup Fall 13!

Posted on 25 luglio 2013

Dior Makeup Fall 13

Dior Makeup Fall 13 di fra3 contenente evening eye makeup

I've already anticipated in the post " Lana del Rey's Nails" but now it's time to say it officially!
This Winter make up goes metallic!
Dior make up collection is the latest proof!
Metallics and magnetics nail laquers and silver on the eyelids!
Look at the photos which anticipates the whole collection ;)

Five Colours Mystic Metallics

There are two palettes; one in shades of violet and silver (864 Constellation)  and another one in shades of blue-greens and browns (384 Bonne Etoile). 

There are two different application techniques:
  • Soft Fusion: using with fingertips, the eye shadow blends into the skin to create a light veil of colour and a subtly shimmering result.
  • Bold Fusion: using the smudging applicator, the finish is intensified to reveal pure and extreme colour.

The secret is to lightly wet the eye shadow for an extreme metallic effect with a dramatic lamé finish!

Dior Vernis 

The nail lacquer, especially the 2 colours in the set above, discover a new dimension! 
Full metallic shine!


Diorblush promises to be the new “must-wear”!
Sculpting: apply with the bevelled edge of the brush for professional “contouring” to shade temples, redefine face shape and define cheekbones etc.
Diorblush will be available in 13 colours divided into 4 colour spectrums (pink, red, coral and nude) and 3 finishes (iridescent, matte and satin).

I'll be writing more about this collection soon ;)
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