Peacock Eyes!

Posted on 5 maggio 2013

I think this make up is extremely gorgeous!
It's very easy to do and very very sexy!
While surfing on the web I noticed that some make up bloggers decorates their peacock eyes with real feathers but if I think it's a bit excessive :)
The colours of this make up are very strong and we don't want them to appear even stronger  . But now let's take a look at the best items to create this look ;)
The picture below is the brand new palette by Dior
Its name is "Bird of Paradise" and it's the hot make up item of this Summer 2013!
The 4 shadows of green are perfect to recreate the peacock make up!
Dior "Birds of Paradise", Summer 2013
To draw a perfect line you'll need a good eyeliner like Urban Decay's "Ink for Eyes". "Binge" is the perfect to give your eyes a sexy exotic accent!
A beautiful peacock appears in the front part of this cream liner which has a useful mirror inside.

Urban Decay has also dedicated a palette to peacocks! 
What can I say, the colours pay homage to the feathers of our beloved bird :) This amazing item comes with the famous "Primer Potion" the most appreciated eye primer by make up artists ;) It's very important to use one and to blend it perfectly on the eyelid in order to make the eyeshadow last longer ;)

Let yourself be inspired by your favourite pic; here hower I write some brief  steps:
  • Apply a eye-primer from your eyelids to your eyebrows and blend
  • Apply a blue high pigmented eyeshadow on the centre of the eyelid 
  • Apply a dark green on the corner of the eyes and blend it over the natural folds of the eyes 
  • Apply a golden eyeshadow in the inner corner
  • Line your eyes (keep close to the eyelashes!) with a black or deep blue eyeliner and use an eye pencil in light green to draw a line to emphesize the lower lashes.
  • Last step: Curl your lashes and the...mascara, don't be too stingy ;)!

N.B. With a strong make up like this the lips should be painted with a nude lipstick!