Golden glitters!

Posted on 25 aprile 2013

Our skin begins to forget its pale colour and little by little tan is appearing!
I have recently written a post about  gold and white outfits but now let's focus on gold make up!:)

It doesn't matter if your tan is natural or not, gold fits everyone!
Blonde or brunette, white skin or dark!
Considering the weather isn't too hot yet I love wearing creamy gold eyeshadow these days, like the one in the set by ShiseidoIt's very easy to use and you don't need any brush to apply it!
I love the pic at teh bottom left, black and gold is an evergreen and so is the black winged eyeliner, but I can't stop loving it ;)
There are so many ways to have perfect lashes today, you can try Sephora "Outrageous Volume" which comes in a beautiful golden pack and which promises a dramatic volume! On the other hans, If you want to try something really original you can use fake eyelashes like the one designed by Dior!
Extra long lashes and 14 golden Swarovski make of them the sexier eye accessory ;)
Where you thinking about the manicure? Black and gold is the idea, paint all your nails black and use a special nail laquer with golden glitters on the third finger, Trés Chic! ;)

If you're looking for exaggerated and amazing fakelashes there's a surprise on our Facebook page!
Hints? Shu Uemura and... Karl Lagerfeld!

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